Whatís Your Flavor? Ė Public or Online Used Cars by Owner Auctions?


There was a time when the only places you could get your car were from dealers and car lot salesmen. There were limited options and sometimes you have to contend with a very pushy sales person. Some even employ heavy handed techniques to force you into something that you donít really need when you are searching for cheap cars 4 sale. You end up paying more in add-ons, detailing, services rendered and so on. Theyíre so good at it that they can even make you feel good for duping yourself! Of course not all sales persons are like this, itís just that many people fall victim to these unscrupulous persons. Because of this and with the recent problems in our economy more people are looking for better alternatives to find great bargains on cars. Thatís where used cars by owner auctions really shine. You can find cheap used trucks for sale and cheap cars 4 sale online that are a real bargain.


These used cars by owner online auctions are places where sellers and buyers meet up to trade. The seller puts up his/her car for sale and the buyers bid on it up to a point. Whoever wins the bid gets the car. The buying and selling bit is quite a simple process really, thereís not much to it. However the buyer has to make sure that he/she gets all the information and paper works on the vehicle before he/she makes the bid. Most of these auctions offer a guarantee to protect the buyer in case the carís condition isnít really what the seller put it out to be. This is called misrepresentation, you get covered for anything wrong with the car that wasnít made known earlier during the sale. Now there are two ways you can get cheap cars 4 sale bargain from auctions. One is through public auctions where you can actually visit physically and look around; the other is through online used cars by owner auctions, where you can browse through all the items in the comfort of your own home!


Either way you have choices and get better prices (bargain) than you would in traditional methods. With public used cars by owner auctions you have the chance of actually seeing the vehicle as it is. You might even get the chance to handle it before making any bids on it. The trick is to get to the auction site early so you can browse and inspect the cars ahead before the bidding takes place. You can even bring a knowledgeable friend with you or even a mechanic who can take a look at the car for you to see if the vehicle is actually worth what youíll bid for it. Then you just register usually for a small fee, attend the bidding and make your bid when the car youíre eyeing comes up. Make sure you know how high you intend to go with your bids and set a limit. If you win then you get to drive the car home right there and then or arrange for it to be delivered if you want.


In buying cars through used cars by owner online auctions, the process is a bit similar. You go to the car auction site, register and browse through the available models and make your bid on anything that you like. There are certain advantages however, such as not having to go to an auction site. You just stay at home, and make your purchase online while you enjoy a movie or late night snack. You also have some level of protection with some sites like E-bay. Some transactions are insured, there are also services that give you peace of mind such as making your payment through PayPal or other similar services. When you are bidding online, you have all the time in the world as online bidding can take days to close. Whatís more you have more options to find out anything about the vehicle youíre interested in by checking the vehicle history through a service like AutoCheck. You can also hire an independent certified mechanic online to inspect your car for $100 to $150 even if the car is 1,000 miles away from your home. Sites like EBay offer buyer protection plan ensuring the car or cheap used trucks online are as described by the seller. If you use EBayís escrow service your money is not released to the seller until you have received the car and inform EBay you are satisfied.


Whether you buy cars through public auctions or used cars by owner online auctions is totally up to you. You get great bargains on your purchase online and you donít have to deal with pesky sales people!